Bid/Tender Services

“Being selected as the preferred bidder in South Africa requires adherence to a myriad of bid specific and general statutory requirements. Many are unique to our jurisdiction and understanding the local market is essential to any bid success.”

  • Terracon offers specialist services assisting bidders in the review and preparation of tenders. South Africa has a host of unique requirements for bidders to comply with. Navigating the local legislation and regulations can be onerous.
  • Terracon has assisted many local and international bidders to ensure success in State tenders by giving bidders the competitive advantage needed in tight market conditions. Economic Transformation and Local Skills Development have become central to state procurement in South Africa. Having a clear understanding of what these issues mean for bidders is essential.
  • Contract structures and contractual conditions applied to agreements in South Africa often result in duplicitous terms of contract. Ensuring that any such ambiguity is identified and addressed is crucial to bidders.
  • The selection of the type of contract to be used for local procurement is important. Failure to provide clear conditions of contract when tendering subcontract works and/or local supply, will result in contractors and/or supplier pricing in risk that makes their pricing less competitive.
  • We commonly assist with water related projects. Our expertise in water related legislation and regulations is unrivalled in South Africa. We are expert in the water supply chain and the complex legislative framework in which this supply chain operates. A lack of understanding of local regulation can be detrimental to any bid.
  • ESKOM is currently seeking to expand its output significantly via a range of new projects. However, meeting the stringent ESKOM requirements can be challenging. Many bidders find their bids to be non-responsive and/or rejected due to the failure to meet requirements they were not aware of. Terracon is highly skilled and experienced in ESKOM tenders.
  • Terracon uses uniquely developed A.I. to scan bid documents and to extract the requirements for each tender. This approach, and the purpose generated compliance check sheet that it produces, ensures that bids are 100% compliant. Our trained operatives know how to assess and evaluate the bid data generated to readily identify all key compliance items.
  • Terracon has an extensive local market network and actively generates market intelligence related to specific areas and/or projects to allow clients to gain insights that allows for improved decision making.
  • Bidware – Bidware is a bespoke AI driven system, which enables Terracon to assess and predict the outcome of bids based on a number of parameters. The software has allowed Terracon to successfully guide clients to prepare and adjust bid strategies to satisfy fluid bid conditions.


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